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What’s on my mind after the announcement that Darren Wilson will not be indicted for murdering Michael Brown?  Funny you should ask.

1. If I see one more bullshit assed post asking for prayer, I’m going even further off than I already am. What has prayer done for *anyone*, least of all black people?  Dammit, wake up, get up and do something other than beg your imaginary friend for protection he won’t provide! We prayed during slavery because master said so.  We prayed during Jim Crow while being sprayed with water hoses. We prayed after Medgar, Martin and Malcolm were killed. We prayed when crack took over our inner cities.  We prayed when Trayvon, Jordan and Mike were killed. See a pattern here? Either your slave given god ain’t real or he doesn’t give a shit about black people.

2. Stop judging people on their psychological reactions to pain!  You are no better than anyone else because you got an education, live in the suburbs, work a 9 to 5, or otherwise “made it.”  Get the hell over yourselves and understand people are grieving! Is the best outlet rioting or “tearing up your own community?” Probably not, but who the hell are you to sit in your comfortable chair, point at the tv and judge those who feel they have no other options? Desperate people do desperate things, and how much more desperate can you get when you’re shown repeatedly your life and your children’s lives don’t matter?

3. If you even think about throwing the red herring of “black on black crime” out, I’m going to say this once and once only. Intra racial crime (that is, crime within the same race) is generally higher than inter racial crime. Meaning white on white crime is just as high (I’ve seen reports that it’s higher) than black on black crime. In other words, it’s bullshit to throw that out because it’s meaningless.  It’s just another tool used to paint us as animals.