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I have not wanted to speak on the shootings of the NYPD officers because I don’t want to legitimize the forced intertwining of our valid systemic grievances with this act of a lone gunman.

However, let’s be clear:
1. This was not a coordinated attack worthy of derailing the work that has been done in the name of stopping rampant police brutality against people of color.
2. Shaneka Thompson, the ex-girlfriend who was also shot is becoming another invisible black female victim, as she is only mentioned in passing as a victim and isn’t being given the support she deserves at this point.
3. In trying to create the narrative they want (as an excuse to wage war on our communities,) the police union in NYC is ignoring the social/psychological issues the gunman apparently had beyond an assumed hatred of police.
4. White people have hunted cops recently (Eric Frein anyone?) and nobody acted like it was an impending epidemic linked to protests.  These events were treated as fringe instances, as this one should be treated as well. (Though I do concede conditions are ripe for these things to become more common if changes aren’t made quickly.)
5. Black lives still matter, and we will still fight to make sure all law enforcement officers realize this and act accordingly.