“Why do you always have to bring up race?”
“If we all stopped watching the news, we could focus on love.”


“Your kind isn’t wanted here.”
“I don’t mind black people, I just don’t understand why you guys do that.”


“I love women, my mother is one.”
“Why do women bitch and complain all the time?”


“Don’t wear that. It may attract the wrong attention.”
“You don’t make as much because Bill has a family to support and takes less time off.”


“Live and let live, I can’t judge you. That’s between you and God.”
“Why do you have to tell everyone you don’t believe?”


“You’ll know god is real when you have hard times.”
“Let’s legislate based on this book of fairy tales because WE believe it’s real.”


“Aww, your children are so cute.”
“I don’t know how you do it, being single and all.”


“Are the fathers involved in their lives?”
“I understand you have kids, but don’t expect any special treatment.”


“You can be anything you want to be if you work hard.”
“You’re so articulate.”


“Well, of course you have to be better than everyone else to get to the same level.”
“Oh, I didn’t realize you actually had *this* position. How? Nevermind.”

We exist.
We are here.
We are your family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues.
We exist.
We exist.
We exist.
Deal with it.