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wpid-20150514_212759.jpgIt is important to be appreciative, to give thanks when someone helps you do something you couldn’t seem to do alone. While it isn’t necessary to grovel before or be indebted after such an act, one must recognize the role Spider-Man played in making sure a human was available to provide. You see, without Spider-Man’s intervention, no one would care about you. We would be selfish beings wandering the planet caring only for ourselves. People wouldn’t give each other money, food, or kidneys. Definitely not kidneys. Yes, the world would be a dark and lonely place if it weren’t for Spidey and his love for mankind that compels us to love one another.

Ridiculous, you say? Yes, I agree. My assertions about the role Spider-Man plays in our human capacity for empathy are almost as absurd as theists’ assertions that their god compels us to care for each other. When one truly cares for someone and wants the best for that person,why does there have to be an intercessor involved? Why can’t one just want to do good for others? Maybe they were raised to give. Maybe they have been in bad situations and want others to know they aren’t alone. Maybe they have been helped and want to pay it forward. Perhaps they realize we are all we have in this world, so we had better take care of each other. Maybe they know no one is coming to save us, so we must band together and save ourselves.

Sometimes I wonder if certain people are so hardened by life they can’t imagine a genuinely caring person because they aren’t genuinely caring. In better times, maybe they looked down on those who were struggling and shook their head in judgment instead of reaching out to assist. With those memories in mind, they must attribute another person’s good deeds to a higher power because they know they would have never done something so selfless themselves. Had some atrocity in life not befallen them, they may have never given altruism any further thought.

Whatever the reason, it is rude to thank Imaginary Person B for the sacrifices of Real Human Person A, especially if one knows Person A doesn’t believe in Person B. This is a slap in the face of the person who did whatever work was necessary to help you.

In other words, if I give you my time, money, or kidney, don’t thank God, thank me. I don’t need you to be indebted to me, but I resent any attempt to attribute my actions to a puppet master. I am not a puppet who is being used for the purpose of anyone’s kingdom, and I will not stand to be treated as such.